Take a chance at playing one of Malta’s biggest lottery games, with the chance to win fantastic Jackpots!

Win Fantastic Prizes with Super5!

Super5 offers 3 winning categories. Check out if you are holding a winning ticket.

1st winning category

Match your selected five numbers with the five numbers drawn.

2nd winning category

Match 4 out of 5 numbers drawn and win the largest consolation prize.

3rd winning category

Match 3 out of 5 numbers drawn and take home a small consolation prize.

Get a second chance with Super5 PLUS

Super5 PLUS offers three winning categories, and the chance to win the top prize of €100,000!

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All you need to know about Super5 & Super5 PLUS

Super5, a household name in Malta, is a game of chance which is played by selecting 5 numbers from a field of 45 numbers.

Take a 2nd chance at winning with Super 5 through the new and exciting Super5 PLUS game. Tick the Super5 PLUS option on the Super5 playslip and enter the chance to win with the second Super5 PLUS draw with your original choice of numbers.

Super5 PLUS

Get the new thrill from the second Super5 draw, one set of numbers, 2 chances of winning big.

2nd Jackpot

Win up to €100,000 on the Super 5 second draw with your original set of numbers.

Here’s how you can play Super5

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How to play Super5?

Do you need more guidance on how to play Super5? Take a look at some helpful guidelines below.

A Simple Column in Super5 is created by selecting five (5) numbers (with an ‘X’) in in at least one (1) of the ten (10) Playing Board(s) available on the playslip.
If the player chooses to participate in the Super5 Plus game by marking the [YES] box at the bottom of the playslip (with an ‘X’), she/he will be participating with the same columns and numbers marked on the boards.

A Fully Expanded System entry is an alternative way of playing Super5, providing the player with more chances to win. A System entry allows the player to select more than the minimum amount of numbers but up to twenty (20) in a single board.

With the Quick Pick option, the terminal generates all of the numbers according to the game rules. To play Quick Pick in Super5, the playslip should be filled in as follows:

  • The Quick Pick [QP] box should be marked.
  • A number (up to 20) should be marked in the Numbers Area, to indicate the amount of numbers that the player would like to be picked up by the terminal.

The basic stake is €2.00.

Different playing methods is allowed to be chosen by the player, on the same playslip.
For example on the below playslip, the player can play a Simple column in Playing Board A, Systems in Playing Board B and Quick Pick in Playing Board C.

The player is given the choice to participate with the same playslip in more than one draw by marking the relevant box/es in the Consecutive Draws section. The playslip should be filled in as follows:

    • A number from two (2) to ten (10) should be marked on the playslip to increase the frequency of participation by two (2) and up to ten (10) draws.
    • The boxe(s) [x2] and/or [x3] can be marked to further increase the number of consecutive draws to participate in.
    • The player can participate in up to a maximum of 60 consecutive draws.
    • The total cost must be paid when purchasing the ticket.

The Consecutive Draws section also applies to the Super5 Plus game, if chosen by the player.

Super5’s Main Features

Check out the game features of the most popular lottery game on the Maltese islands.

From just €2

Get the chance to win the weekly jackpot by participating with an entry cost of just €2.

Second Chance

Try your luck in a second chance draw by participating in the Super5 PLUS add-on game for an extra €1.

Quick Pick

Allow the system to randomly pick your numbers or else play your preferred numbers.

Up to 20 numbers

Increase your chances of winning by choosing up to 20 numbers.

Consecutive Draws

Do not miss a Super5 draw and participate in up to 60 consecutive draws with the same numbers.

Twice Weekly

Super5 draws twice a week; every Wednesday and Friday at 8:40pm, followed by the Super5 PLUS right after.

See what you can win?

Find out what you can win when playing Super5

1st Category
Super 5 1st Category Light Blue Balls for National Lottery
2nd Category
Super 5 2nd Category Light Blue Balls for National Lottery
3rd Category
Super 5 3rd Category Light Blue Balls for National Lottery

See what you can win?

Find out what you can win when playing Super5

1st Category
Super 5 1st Category Light Blue Balls for National Lottery
2nd Category
Super 5 2nd Category Light Blue Balls for National Lottery
3rd Category
Super 5 3rd Category Light Blue Balls for National Lottery

Super5 FAQs

Learn more about the game by taking a look at the answers to some of the game’s most frequently asked questions.

Super5 may be played at any one of National Lottery’s retail outlets around Malta and Gozo from Monday to Sunday during the allowed playing hours. A complete list of Points of Sales listed by locality may be found here.

You may play Super5 up to thirty (30) minutes before the draw. Super5 draws are held every Wednesday and Friday after the evening news on TVM at approximately 8:40pm.

In order to play, just fill in a Super5 playslip indicating your selected numbers, and playing options. Present the completed playslip to one of our Retailers at any one of the National Lottery retail outlet around Malta and Gozo. You may also choose to play by requesting your chosen numbers verbally.

With Systems, you may play a number of different combinations on one playslip. This option provides you with more chances to win by selecting more than five (5) numbers in any Playing Board.

You may win with Super5 or Super5 PLUS, if you match three (3), four (4) or five (5) numbers with the drawn numbers. The numbers drawn in both draws, are considered as two separate set of numbers therefore, if you do not participate in the Super5 PLUS game, the second set of drawn numbers would not be relevant to your ticket.