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How to Play

Find out how to play your favourite games, with a step-by-step visual tutorial for each game.

Tutorial how to play lotto
Played using a field of numbers from 1 to 90 with 5 numbers randomly drawn every Tuesday and Saturday.
Keith Demicoli explain how To Play Super5 for National Lottery
Win Fantastic Prizes with Super5, win high jackpots when matching 5 numbers from a field of 45 numbers.
Keith Demicoli explain how To Play Super5Plus for National Lottery
Super5 PLUS
New game offering 3 winning categories and the chance to win the top prize of €100,000, using the same Super5 choice of numbers.
Sarah Bajada explain how To Play Super5-4-3-2-1 for National Lottery
A new fixed odds game, played from a field of 45 numbers, using the Super5 draw to determine the winning outcomes.
Gianni Zammit explain how To Play Pick3 for National Lottery
A 3-digit game with pre-defined winnings and drawn at pre-defined times, twice daily at 13:30hrs and 19:30hrs.
Jacqui Losco explain tutorial IZIBET for National Lottery
Offering the most comprehensive range of sporting events and betting markets across Malta and Gozo.

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Greyhound Racing

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