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For over 20 years we have been offering games from best-in-class international suppliers, providing our customers with the opportunity to enjoy the excitement of the games within a safe environment that promotes responsible gaming.

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Our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the games, so that you are free to enjoy the thrills of the entertainment we provide, while ensuring that this is done in a responsible and safe environment. Our aim is to make gaming safer.

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IZISLOTS is offered by National Lottery plc, the operator of the National Lottery in Malta as duly licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).
IZISLOTS operate through what is termed a Random Number Generator (RNG). The RNG generates an outcome (result) every time you play the game.

There are no patterns or repeated cycles, and there is no manner that a player can predict the outcome of an IZISLOTS game. The outcome is controlled completely by the RNG.

IZISLOTS can be played in more than 40 shops in Malta? Select the shop closest to you to enjoy the IZISLOTS games.

Persons who are 18 years and older need to register to play any of the IZISLOTS games. The registration process is simple and can be completed in a few minutes.

Step 1: Player must present a valid identification document to the betting store attendant, in the form of a national identity card, passport, driving license, or residency permit.

Step 2: Players will be requested to provide permanent residential address and mobile phone number to complete the registration verification process. Mobile phone numbers are duly verified through a validation code received via SMS.

Step 3: A photo of the player is taken, and the player fingerprints are taken through the ‘biometric’ registration.

Step 4: The fingerprint will  be used to identify the player on every visit, providing access to every game play session on the IZISLOTS EGMs.

Yes, once the registration process is complete, players can start enjoying the thrill of the IZISLOTS games. Before playing players must add credits to their virtual wallet. Players can load their credits by administering the virtual wallet with their fingerprints.

Yes, players can exchange credits for cash either at the reception desk or through the self-service cash-out device available in shops offering IZISLOTS games.

Yes, IZISLOTS games are regulated through a series of other rules to ensure that players can enjoy the games responsibly and within a safe environment. These rules relate specifically to, Betting Limits, Payout, Return-to-Player (RTP), Handpay and Jackpots.

Betting Limits: A bet limit is the maximum monetary value that may be played on an IZISLOTS game in a single spin. Bet limits are intended to reduce and limit player risks, primarily by reducing the amount of money that may be played on each spin. Betting limits are intended to slow the rate at which players are consuming games over time. The bet limit for all IZISLOTS games is set at €5.

Payout Table: The Payout Table of any IZISLOTS game can be easily accessed through the EGM without the need to start a playing session. The payout table provides information about the winning combinations and corresponding payouts for each combination and is considered as a key reference for players to understand how much they can win based on the symbols and their arrangements on the reels.

Game Rules: Each game has its own specific rules and descriptions that can be easily accessed through the EGM without the need to start a playing session.

Return to player: IZISLOTS are configured with a RTP of 90% and higher. The RTP is the overall theoretical proportion of all wagers an IZISLOTS game     is designed to return on average to players. All results are random with some players winning while others losing. The RTP percentage does not influence individual outcomes. 

Handpay: A Handpay is generated whenever the payout amount reaches the €5,000 limit. At this limit the EGM halts and will require the intervention of the betting store attendant to manually push the credits to the players’ respective wallet while resetting the credit before the EGM can be played again.

Jackpot: IZISLOTS offers a variety of both progressive and non-progressive Jackpots. A jackpot adds value to the prize in a game, as it increases the winning value of a particular combination. A progressive jackpot increases each time a game is played without the jackpot being triggered. When the progressive jackpot is won, the jackpot for the next game play s reset to the a predetermine value and increases at pre-established thresholds under the same jackpot rules. A non-progressive jackpot, or a fixed jackpot does not change in value in line with game play. Whenever a Jackpot payout reaches the €5,000 limit, the Handpay rules apply.