Hello! We are National Lottery.

Hello! We are National Lottery plc

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National Lottery plc is a fully owned subsidiary of IZI Group plc, the largest land-based gaming operator in Malta. National Lottery plc is the exclusive concessionaire of the National Lottery of Malta. IZI Group plc also operates the Dragonara Casino, Malta’s No 1 land-based casino established in 1964. The services previously provided by Gaming Operations Limited (GOL) are now being provided by National Lottery plc, by virtue of the merger between the two companies, effected on December 20th 2023.

IZI Group plc offers a full range of online casino and sports betting products via Dragonara.com and IZIBET.com and soon will offer lottery products online via lottery.mt. IZI Group plc is an equal opportunities company and one of the largest privately-owned groups providing full-time employment to over 500 employees.

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We are National Lottery plc

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We’d like to hear from you. Whether it’s a job enquiry, a business proposal, or simply a request for information, do get in touch with us. Our customer support team will treat your request with full confidentiality and we promise to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Focused on Growth

Leveraging the growth potential of the national lottery to reach unprecedented levels of business. Our growth strategy is built on our ability to diversify our product portfolio to meet market demand.

Driven by Innovation

Innovation is considered as the key driver of growth. A focused approach to understand the market and innovate through the formation of strategic alliances and investment.

Embrace Compliance

Compliance is the bedrock of our operations. We are driven by an approach that positioning compliance as an enabler for growth and a basic building block of our operations.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To provide unique gaming entertainment experiences in the lottery market in a responsible and safe environment.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To create a popular, trusted and well-respected national lottery in Malta, through the  provision of compelling products that are aimed at creating life-changing experiences, distributed through an modern retail network and to become a valued partner in our society and a role model for ethical business standards.

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If you are searching for an opportunity to work for a leading gaming operator in a dynamic and fast changing environment, then National Lottery plc is just made for you. Come join us to take the national lottery of Malta to unprecedented levels and enjoy your ride with us.

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